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The Best Android Gaming Controller
that Can Buff up gamers’ Heart Beat

Galaxy, the number one market shares mobile in Android smartphone market collaborated with a global software developer, QuantumX.

glap has developed to provide a higher performance of game playing on Galaxy.

The more you grasp, the more you immerse.

Perfect Design Solely Dedicated for Android Users

Samsung’s Note series that captures users mind with a big, and wide display.

glap performs its best fit, and proportion when it is combined with Samsung’s Note series.

glap can also provide a wonderful playing experience with any Android smartphone within 7.5in, and 10.1mm thickness.

Enjoy All of Steam Link Games with Your Smartphone.

Bring Steam Link games in your hand, no more frustration due to its limited play condition through PC.

You can play over 8 thousands games at anywhere on your way.

  • * You can also connect glap with Window PC to support playing Steam games on PC.
  • * You can download the Steam Link app from Galaxy Apps and Google Play
Galaxy Apps Google Play

Extended Play Time up to 10 Hours

glap can support game playing up to 10 hours with a single charge.

You can enjoy, and get immersed into game playing with a strong performance of glap, and your Galaxy.

Beautiful Round Grasp
that Fits into Everyone

glap’s physical dimension and barycenter provide
a sense of unity with smartphone, and its beautiful,
and soft round grasp allows users to grasp it at any
direction with a full comfort, which helps minimizing
a fatigue of players over a long time playing.

Intact Structure without
Trespassing on Bezeless Display

glap does not trespass any area of bezeless display.

Specifically, when it comes to be combined with Galaxy Note 10,
glap can guarantee a more vivid gaming experience through
a crystal clear display of the best infinite display ever.

  • Compact design
    perfectly synchronized
    with smartphone

    Various action buttons perfectly grasped on your hands for any game!

    Compact and simple design of the sole master piece beyond all other gaming controllers

  • Unique structure for
    dynamic, and realistic
    gaming sound

    Bumped physical connection between smartphone and Glap pad amplifies sound effect.

    Increase, and enjoy the sound with stereo speaker Android smartphone!

  • Extended playing time
    up to 10 hours

    Fully charged Glap pad with USB C-type cable enables the continuous 10-hour playing time.

    It also automatically switches to idle mode if no action is taken for 5 minutes.

  • Compatible for PC

    Glap pad is also compatible with Window PC gaming by connecting the pad, and PC with USB cable.

    Enjoy your Glap pad not only with mobile gaming but also with PC gaming

glap the Sole Gaming Controller
– Comply with a Number of Global Hazmat Regulations

Samsung Electronics set a strict quality certification system to provide innocuous products.
Only mobile accessory products that can pass through the quality certification system are labeled with Design for SAMSUNG.

It is a very particular certification to pass meaning that it does not only comply with a number of global environmental regulation standards,
such as RoHS, and REACH compliance, but also complies with Samsung’s hazmat regulation CLASS1, and CLASS2.

glap, the sole device users can trust, and play with.

Designed for SAMSUNG RoHS REACH Compliance

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